Monthly Archive: April 2014

How to Handle a Noncommittal Man

imagesThere’s nothing quite as frustrating as a noncommittal man. He’s easy to identify; he’s the man who flakes out on any plans that don’t involve sex. He’ll agree to meet you and your friends then ignore your calls when he doesn’t show up. He’ll find you when it’s convenient for him, make excuses, then charm his way back into your bed. (Overwhelming charm is a universal trait of noncommittal men.)

If you’ve found yourself in a relationship with one of these men you can chose between two options: dump him …

Dating Older Men – Follow these 3 Important Tips

CantSleepAll of us who’ve been dating men of our same age group feel frustrated at some point due to their sheer immaturity! The only way out is to date men older than you. Mature men can provide responsible and mature relationships that we so long for.

However, before jumping into bed with an older man you met few days ago, there are certain important tips you must keep in mind. These tips are:

–        As you’re dating someone older, he may be interested in topics which are more serious and …