Monthly Archive: May 2014

Introducing Role-Playing into a Relationship

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneIntroducing role-playing into a relationship can be a great way to improve intimacy and explore some hidden fantasies. It can lead to amazing sex as inhibitions are lost, and whether it’s a classic role-playing scenario, or something new and kinky, it can take any relationship to a whole new level.

An incredible benefit to becoming someone else for the evening is the loss of inhibition that both partners can experience as they act out a character. This can make way for possibilities that were previously undeclared or unconsidered. She may …

Get Organized! Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

vibesLet’s face it; sex toys can be expensive, so it’s a shame that so many are left to sit in bedside drawers collecting dust. Without being taken care of properly these toys may stop working efficiently, be unhygienic, and just no fun anymore. But it’s a problem easily solved with some proper storage and some easy cleaning tips that will keep those expensive toys working at their best.

Step One: Choose Some Storage

Keeping toys and accessories stored together in a lockable chest is a must if there are children …

How to Be Friends with Your Ex

shutterstock_120671335-850x400Breakups are difficult by nature, but when you and your significant other were friends first the end of the relationship can be even more devastating. While it’s difficult to maintain a friendship with someone you’ve dated it isn’t impossible. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to salvage a friendship from a breakup.

  1. Honesty is essential. In order to be friends with an ex you must be honest about your feelings with yourselves and with each other. You must work through the issues that ended your relationship

Touche Majesty Silver Necklace

cv-1659550007I had decided to treat myself to some jewellery when I came across the Touche Majesty Silver necklace. It was exactly my style, and it turned out it was multi functional too. I was looking purely for style, and what I came across has become my favourite new toy as well as my favourite piece of jewellery.

While it looks like a bullet hanging off of a chain, actually is a bullet – of another sort. Turn it on and this bullet vibrates, making sure that I have a tiny …