How to Massage His Prostate


Massaging the prostate can lead to incredibly intense orgasms unlike any ever experienced before. It can be difficult for men to accomplish without a toy, and finding a partner with the appropriate know how is difficult. It’s a skill that any guy will value in a partner, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Of course if manually doing this is a problem, then you can always buy one of these vibrating style prostate massager from – hint: I bought one for my boyfriend recently, winner!.

Here is …

Blow his mind blowjob

md_ebe30f1412078360691356So you want to spoil your man with a blow job that we will remember forever. Here is a guide that will teach you how to suck and swallow….yes you heard correct….swallow….men love it when you swallow.

This video is a great guide too!

Surprise them with a Massage

couple-massageGiving them a massage after a long day is a great way to help your lover relax, and will benefit the giver as much as the receiver. With a few easy steps it’s simple to give them an erotic massage that will make them happy to be in such capable hands.

Step One: Preparation

Before giving them that relaxing rub down make sure that everything necessary is at hand. Keep a towel nearby, and even some handy baby wipes, a blindfold, and of course some massage oils or lotions. Make …

Don’t Forget these 2 Steps When Introducing BDSM to a New Partner

Sexy dominatrix, hands on ass in handcuffs, closeup

artworks-000014583234-7zgi8q-cropExploring a new relationship can be exhilarating, but when one partner is into something kinkier than the other it can make things awkward. Trying to convince a new partner to try some BDSM in the bedroom can take some persuading, but with a little compromise and patience it can be done.

Step One: Find out their Limits

Everyone has a list of things that they are willing to do and not willing to do. It’s important to understand what is contained in that list before starting to play. Are they …

Introducing Role-Playing into a Relationship

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneIntroducing role-playing into a relationship can be a great way to improve intimacy and explore some hidden fantasies. It can lead to amazing sex as inhibitions are lost, and whether it’s a classic role-playing scenario, or something new and kinky, it can take any relationship to a whole new level.

An incredible benefit to becoming someone else for the evening is the loss of inhibition that both partners can experience as they act out a character. This can make way for possibilities that were previously undeclared or unconsidered. She may …

How to Be Friends with Your Ex

shutterstock_120671335-850x400Breakups are difficult by nature, but when you and your significant other were friends first the end of the relationship can be even more devastating. While it’s difficult to maintain a friendship with someone you’ve dated it isn’t impossible. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to salvage a friendship from a breakup.

  1. Honesty is essential. In order to be friends with an ex you must be honest about your feelings with yourselves and with each other. You must work through the issues that ended your relationship

How to Handle a Noncommittal Man

imagesThere’s nothing quite as frustrating as a noncommittal man. He’s easy to identify; he’s the man who flakes out on any plans that don’t involve sex. He’ll agree to meet you and your friends then ignore your calls when he doesn’t show up. He’ll find you when it’s convenient for him, make excuses, then charm his way back into your bed. (Overwhelming charm is a universal trait of noncommittal men.)

If you’ve found yourself in a relationship with one of these men you can chose between two options: dump him …

Shades Of Grey Sex Tips

Erotic-BDSMWith the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy gaining more and more popularity with women it’s become clear that quite a bit of us need more sexual adventure. In fact a recent polls suggest that up to 50% of people are bored sexually. Here are a few moves from 50 shades of grey that you can use to spice up your sex life on the daily.

Blackout- By limiting your sight you can theoretically become more sensitive in your other senses. The blindfolded person also can let their imagination run wild …

How to bring BDSM into the bedroom

Girl_and_Handcuffs_Stock_13_by_MagicDancer23If you and/or your partner are curious about bringing parts of BDSM into the bedroom there are some things you can do to help introduce the topic.

Talk about it. Make sure both of you are on the same page.  You might be thinking it and it may have never crossed your partners mind so slowly bring it up without judgment towards their views. If it’s something you both want, talk about the scope of what you want because while you may want to be tied up with a silk …