Get Organized! Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

vibesLet’s face it; sex toys can be expensive, so it’s a shame that so many are left to sit in bedside drawers collecting dust. Without being taken care of properly these toys may stop working efficiently, be unhygienic, and just no fun anymore. But it’s a problem easily solved with some proper storage and some easy cleaning tips that will keep those expensive toys working at their best.

Step One: Choose Some Storage

Keeping toys and accessories stored together in a lockable chest is a must if there are children or frequent guests in your home. It will offer the peace of mind that private collections remains private, and it will keep toys organized and together. Choose a stylish chest, there are many available in different materials and colourful styles to suit various decors. Make sure it has separate compartments to keep toys organized, and pockets to store lube, cleaning supplies, and condoms. Hunt online and you’ll find plenty of places that have a huge selection of cleaners which will help keep your toys in prime condition.

Step Two: Stock the Chest

Along with toys, any good chest will be full with all the accessories and essentials necessary for keeping those toys in good condition. Pack all the chargers along in the chest and stock up on both silicone and water based lubricants. Keep a lint free cloth for patting dry toys after washing, and try adding a toy cleaner to the list of supplies; they’re a great way to keep vibrators and dildos clean after use.

Keep the chest near the bed where it will be more likely to be used, and make sure that every toy is cleaned properly before being put away. Don’t let money go to waste by shoving them in a drawer, instead give them a little TLC and put them to good use.