How to Handle a Noncommittal Man

imagesThere’s nothing quite as frustrating as a noncommittal man. He’s easy to identify; he’s the man who flakes out on any plans that don’t involve sex. He’ll agree to meet you and your friends then ignore your calls when he doesn’t show up. He’ll find you when it’s convenient for him, make excuses, then charm his way back into your bed. (Overwhelming charm is a universal trait of noncommittal men.)

If you’ve found yourself in a relationship with one of these men you can chose between two options: dump him immediately or enjoy him for what he is.

Option one is easy. If you have no interest in being one of the many women he’s playing then end the relationship, and end it firmly. If it makes you feel better tell him exactly what you think of him. The goal is to never see him again, so the harsher the better. If you don’t stand your ground he will use his charm to talk you into being a booty call.

Option two is a little more complicated, but can be satisfying when done correctly. If you don’t have feelings for the man but enjoy his bedroom skills keep the relationship going. Keep the upper hand by not letting him know that you’re onto his game. Enjoy him for what he is but don’t restrict yourself from dating other people. Make backup plans on nights you’re supposed to meet with him and manage your expectations about where the relationship is going.