Introducing Role-Playing into a Relationship

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneIntroducing role-playing into a relationship can be a great way to improve intimacy and explore some hidden fantasies. It can lead to amazing sex as inhibitions are lost, and whether it’s a classic role-playing scenario, or something new and kinky, it can take any relationship to a whole new level.

An incredible benefit to becoming someone else for the evening is the loss of inhibition that both partners can experience as they act out a character. This can make way for possibilities that were previously undeclared or unconsidered. She may not have admitted to wanting a good spanking before, but in character as a naughty student being disciplined by her authoritative teacher she may just revel in it.

Communication is key, pick something both partners are comfortable with and leave out surprises. Some tried and true scenarios are pretending to be strangers at a bar meeting up for a one night stand, or meeting at a strip club. Try adding some props and costumes, they’re an easy way to make any scene feel more authentic and can really aid with losing those inhibitions. After all, finally getting to score with that hot cheerleader will feel a lot more realistic if she’s wearing a little skirt and holding some pompoms. It’s easy to find costumes and props, and many stores online will specialize in just that making it easy to find the perfect touch, but usually items around the house will work too.

Adding role-playing to a relationship is a great way to become closer as both partners explore hidden fantasies and let loose of their inhibitions. It’s easy to do, and a lot of fun whether it’s a classic and simple scenario, or something extra kinky.