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Dating Older Men – Follow these 3 Important Tips

CantSleepAll of us who’ve been dating men of our same age group feel frustrated at some point due to their sheer immaturity! The only way out is to date men older than you. Mature men can provide responsible and mature relationships that we so long for.

However, before jumping into bed with an older man you met few days ago, there are certain important tips you must keep in mind. These tips are:

–        As you’re dating someone older, he may be interested in topics which are more serious and …

Shades Of Grey Sex Tips

Erotic-BDSMWith the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy gaining more and more popularity with women it’s become clear that quite a bit of us need more sexual adventure. In fact a recent polls suggest that up to 50% of people are bored sexually. Here are a few moves from 50 shades of grey that you can use to spice up your sex life on the daily.

Blackout- By limiting your sight you can theoretically become more sensitive in your other senses. The blindfolded person also can let their imagination run wild …

How to bring BDSM into the bedroom

Girl_and_Handcuffs_Stock_13_by_MagicDancer23If you and/or your partner are curious about bringing parts of BDSM into the bedroom there are some things you can do to help introduce the topic.

Talk about it. Make sure both of you are on the same page.  You might be thinking it and it may have never crossed your partners mind so slowly bring it up without judgment towards their views. If it’s something you both want, talk about the scope of what you want because while you may want to be tied up with a silk …

Enjoy Sex

shutterstock-sex-coupleWhen I was in college I learned the most important sex lesson of my life. An older man took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of sex and the best lesson he taught me was this…

Hormone levels and their importance


Your body contains different hormones that are responsible for different activities in the body. The hormones that are responsible for the sexual activities in the body are testosterone and oestrogen. Testosterone and oestrogen make you sexually active and with the decrease in these hormones, you will not enjoy sex fully. There are certain things that can help you increase the hormones in the body and make you sexually active and strong.

The best way to increase the sexual performance is by having a healthy diet. You should eat all those …

Increase sexual health by simple tips


You should be very cautious when it comes to sexual health. Having a healthy body will make your sexually strong and you can enjoy more during the sexual intercourse. A healthy body will help you to enjoy all the aspects of life from sports to sex and you should always try to keep your body healthy in order to make the best out of your precious moments.

When it comes to sex, you need to have a sound and focused mind because when you take a lot of stress, you …

How to buy lingerie


After coming home from a long day at the office nothing makes me happier than slipping into something sexy. Silk, satin, nylon or lace, any type of lingerie makes me feel like a vixen that can conquer the world.

When shopping for new additions to my collection there are several things I consider. Does the colour compliment my skin tone? Will my lover enjoy the feel of the fabric? Is it comfortable enough to wear around the house or will I only put it on for sex? These are all …

My Thoughts On The Body and Soul Duplicity Vibrator


I love being single; I like the freedom to do what I want when I want. I’ve found I don’t need a man for anything, even sexual gratification. Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of adult toys but my first purchase is still my favorite. The Body and Soul Duplicity vibrator is my go to toy whenever I want to get myself off quickly.

I ordered my Body and Soul Duplicity several years ago after ending a long relationship. I’d never used a vibrator before and I found …