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Health Benefits of Sex Toys for Women


Many studies have shown that there are health benefits associated with sexual activity and satisfaction for women, but did you know that you can still reap these benefits even if you don’t have a sexual partner?

That’s right!  Decreased blood pressure, decreased risk of heart attack, increased bladder control, increased production of natural hormones, increased stamina, headache and pain relief, improved mood, and even burning calories are health benefits associated with sexual activity.

Lots of online sellers provide a wide selection and variety of toys to choose from that will …

Happiness Booster: Increase Your Mood and Your productivity


Do not make yourself fall into a mood that mimics depression and or sadness. Add liveliness to your life! GO out with friends! Hit up a club, go to a house party or go to the cinema. Just don’t let yourself get into a slump that will likely be hard if not near impossible to climb out of.

IF you must stay at home find some fun things to do whilst in the comfort of your own home! Here are a few solutions that can increase your mood and your …