Surprise them with a Massage

couple-massageGiving them a massage after a long day is a great way to help your lover relax, and will benefit the giver as much as the receiver. With a few easy steps it’s simple to give them an erotic massage that will make them happy to be in such capable hands.

Step One: Preparation

Before giving them that relaxing rub down make sure that everything necessary is at hand. Keep a towel nearby, and even some handy baby wipes, a blindfold, and of course some massage oils or lotions. Make sure the oils are safe for internal use, because if things go well that’s where this will be headed. Be considerate and make sure that hands are clean and nails are trimmed. You can get some great massage oils – I love the kama sutra ones myself.

Step Two: Touching

Rub hands together so they’re nice and warm, and apply some oil to the hands, rubbing the oil in. Remember it’s not the goal to massage every inch of their body, rather to give them a sensual massage where it matters most. Start at the parts of their body that take the most tension, like their shoulders and back, and slowly move all over their body. Don’t neglect their more erogenous zones, and feel free to use more than hands.

Step Three: Take Care of their Erogenous Zones

While rubbing their shoulders it’s ok, in fact, it’s wonderful to reach down and massage a nipple or the clitoris. Add in the blindfold at any time and make that all over body massage extra erotic. Add in toys to help with the massage, like a BodyWand that can be used to soothe aching muscles, and works great against the clit.

A massage is an incredibly intimate way to relieve stress and give pleasure. Keep everything at hand and concentrate on the areas they need it most, and they’ll be putty in your hands.