Touche Majesty Silver Necklace

cv-1659550007I had decided to treat myself to some jewellery when I came across the Touche Majesty Silver necklace. It was exactly my style, and it turned out it was multi functional too. I was looking purely for style, and what I came across has become my favourite new toy as well as my favourite piece of jewellery.

While it looks like a bullet hanging off of a chain, actually is a bullet – of another sort. Turn it on and this bullet vibrates, making sure that I have a tiny little vibe at my fingertips wherever I am. It’s incredibly handy and discreet, and while I’ve had lots of compliments on it I’ve never let anyone in on my secret.

The other night at the club a terrible guy hit on me, and all I had to do was look down at my necklace for reassurance that I would still be enjoying myself at the end of the night. Turned out I got more than I bargained for when I ended up going home with another guy, and making good use of my Touche Majesty Silver anyways.

It’s amazing all the technology that they can pack in to a little piece of jewellery. And best of all I can get rings to go around my bullet. The different colours look great and can be paired with my outfit, or I can wear them to signify something to those that are familiar with the erotic meanings, like black for sex, orange for kissing, or clear for anything goes.